The company building them in the US just completed the first one May 17.

Off-road enthusiasts in the U.S. who are hunting for a new thrill can look forward to sales of the hardcore Ariel Nomad starting soon. TMI AutoTech, which also builds the Atom in the country, is now taking orders for these lightweight, high-performance buggies.

Like its work on the Atom, TMI AutoTech builds the Nomad under license at a new facility in South Boston, Virginia. Power comes from a 2.4-liter Honda-sourced four-cylinder with 230 horsepower and 220 pound-feet of torque. The mid-mounted powerplant routes through a six-speed manual and spins the rear wheels. At 1,480 pounds, the Nomad can hit 62 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. TMI AutoTech spokesperson Jesse Kenealy tells Motor1 the vehicles are technically street legal as a kit car or custom build. The process of registering them varies depending on the state, and owners are responsible for working things out.

Buyers can get their Nomad in two trims. The Sport for $78,200 (plus $1,800 destination for both versions) is more road-oriented but still looks mean. The Tactical for $90,450 adds parts like underbody protection, adjustable dampers, upgraded brakes, and roof-mounted lights. If these prices seem high, Kenealy tells Motor1 that the British version comes quite bare bones, and many standard features on the U.S. examples are options in the U.K.

TMI AutoTech just finished the first pre-production Nomad on May 17, and distributor ACE took it for a run in the video above. According to Kenealy, this Tactical trim model is a good representation of what U.S. customers get. So far, the company has over 20 orders for the Nomad, and most of them are for the higher-priced trim. We can't wait for deliveries to start and see the owner videos of the off-roaders blasting through the forest or desert.

Source: TMI AutoTech via Road & Track