A year ago, Winnebago rode into Florida’s RV SuperShow with the all-electric e-RV concept. The company is returning in a few weeks with its second one. We know little about it, but a new teaser video provides a small preview ahead of its January 18 debut.

The new Winnebago concept looks a lot like the first one at a passing glance, but the video highlights some of the design differences. Up at the front, the eRV2 features a unique grille with a charge port located in the same place as the one on the new Ford E-Transit. The new concept rides on a Ford platform.

Gallery: Winnebago e-RV Concept

The video shows off the cabin and reveals the steering wheel with Ford’s Blue Oval badge right in the middle. The first concept also rode on a Ford platform, but it was a modified Transit with the electrical power system sourced from Lightning eMotors. It took Winnebago two years to develop the first eRV, and since then, Ford has launched the all-electric E-Transit, which could be underpinning Winnebago’s new concept. The E-Transit features a rotary gear selector, which is visible on the Winnebago in the video. 

What will remain a mystery until the debut is the powertrain specifications. The first eRV concept (pictured in the gallery above) featured an 86-kilowatt-hour battery pack and up to 125 miles of range while also powering the vehicle’s onboard systems. The fully electric E-Transit from Ford offers about 116 miles of range depending on the trim, with the high-roof model dinged for its aerodynamic inefficiencies. The E-Transit has 67 kilowatt-hours of usable battery, less than Winnebago’s first concept.

The video doesn’t reveal much of the RV, but it does appear to show the concept with integrated roof solar panels, which should help charge the onboard batteries and extend the range. Winnebago might have made considerable changes to the platform to accommodate its needs, and we expect the company to install a stellar interior. Winnebago will not only reveal the eRV2 at the Florida RV SuperShow later this month, but it will also offer limited, reservation-only test drives.

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