The new season of Top Gear reportedly had a catastrophic start when the show returned to Dunsfold Aerodrome to film studio segments with a live audience. Among the many problems, Britain’s The Sun claimed host Chris Evans lost his temper with the crowd and launched into an expletive-laden tirade.

Evans reportedly needed 10 takes to shoot the show’s intro, and things only got worse from there. According to The Sun, Evans was also angry because the audience didn’t laugh at his jokes. Before he started swearing, the host allegedly started telling the crowd what to do. “Don’t fold your arms, don’t have your hands in your pockets,” Evans said, The Sun claimed.

Evans’ rant wasn’t the only alleged fault during the four-hour taping, though. Matt LeBlanc also reportedly had problems getting his lines right. Even worse, producers lined up Brad Pitt as the season’s first guest, but he dropped out before the taping. Instead, actor Jesse Eisenberg and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey showed up.

While the taping sounds like a fiasco, don’t expect to see any of these issues when Top Gear returns to television on May 29. Multiple trailers have shown action-packed segments from all over the world.

Source: The Sun via Autoblog

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