Hitting 240 mph (386.2 kph), the Koenigsegg One:1 is now the fastest car ever to attend the Vmax200 speed event.

Owned by BHP Project and driven by Oliver Webb, the mesmerizing One:1 took down the Vmax200 speed record not once or twice, but thrice. The world’s first ever “mega car” is now the new record holder by hitting 240 mph over the 1.4-mile track located in U.K. at Bruntingthorpe.

The exact same car was on track also in September 2015 when it reached “only” 225 mph (362 kph), so it was slower than the record holder at that time, a 229-mph tuned Porsche 911. This past Saturday, the Koenigsegg took down the old record by doing a 230-mph run, but minutes later it was dethroned by another tuned Porsche 911 which managed to reach 231 mph (371 kph).

It started raining soon after that, so the folks from BHP Project decided to offer some passenger rides for a select crowd since it wouldn’t have made sense to go for another record run on a wet track. After the rain stopped and the circuit began to dry, during one of the passenger rides the One:1 was clocked at 235 mph (378 kph).

With only Oliver Webb inside the supercar in another attempt, the 1,341-hp machine beat the recently established record by doing 240 mph, thus improving the previous performance by a full 5 mph.

Koenigsegg is now gearing up to establish a new record on the Nürburgring and has already been spotted on the Nordschleife a few days ago with the One:1. It will participate at several private track days in the following months so the test driver will obtain the necessary experience with the mega car to establish a new record now that the speed limits have been abolished.

Source: Koenigsegg, The BHP Project, Supercar Driver

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