A hero or a zero?

Needless to say, drifting should be performed on tracks for obvious safety reasons. A guy from Russia with a BMW M4 is here to prove the rule, burning some rubber on the streets of Moscow.

While the video description says the stunts you’ll see were staged and performed with a permission from the police, we highly doubt this is true. But why, you may wonder – some of the shots do seem to be performed on empty roads, but some look as if they were filmed in the city’s traffic. Also, it seems that police officers wanted to stop the M4 from drifting, but their warning was ignored by the driver.

Over the years, we’ve seen dozens of “skillful” drifters, just trying to show off on the Internet doing stupid things. And while this Russian driver does seem to be good at what he is doing, we totally disagree with that kind of driving on public roads. As he says, “do not try to repeat it by yourself, it may be dangerous.” Thanks for the advice, lawbreaker.

Source: Dr Tamirlan