Volvo displayed the new EX90 at CES in Las Vegas today. The venue was chosen as an opportunity to show the all-new SUV in North America for the first time and highlight the technology Volvo says makes the EX90 its smartest vehicle yet. 

Gallery: Volvo EX90 Debut At CES

The EX90 is an all-electric, seven-passenger SUV that Volvo says represents a new era for safety and a more sustainable lifestyle. First revealed last November in Stockholm, Sweden, it leverages technologies developed with Google and Luminar, which all three companies will demonstrate later this week. At the heart of these technologies is a new core computer system designed to understand the driver and their surroundings, getting smarter and safer over time as it learns from new data and receives over-the-air updates.    

Eight cameras coupled with a mixture of sensors, including one long-range lidar, five radar, and 16 ultrasonic sensors, are designed to respond and react faster than humanly possible. The lidar, developed by Luminar, can sense the road and see small objects more than 600 feet away day or night, even at highway speeds. It combines with Volvo's new driver understanding system that utilizes a capacitive steering wheel and two camera-based gaze sensors to determine if the driver is alert, distracted, or sleepy. 

Inside, a 14.5-inch center screen provides an interface with Volvo's latest infotainment system. It features built-in Google apps and services, including hands-free help from Google Assistant and navigation, among others. Additionally, the system is also compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay.

The 2024 EX90 is available for pre-order in the United States on Volvo's website, with deliveries beginning in early 2024. Prices have not been finalized, but Volvo says well-equipped versions of the EX90 will be priced at under $80,000. Manufactured in South Carolina, it is part of Volvo's strategy to sell 600,000 EVs by 2025 and will be followed by the 2024 EX30, anticipated to debut later this year.   

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