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For the moment we only have these pics to share via of what appears to be a hardcore Clio RS with a more aggressive body. Noticeable changes compared to the regular version include beefier wheel arches and more pronounced side skirts. In addition, Renault Sport has fitted the pocket rocket with ventilated front fenders to cool the brakes and a prominent rear wing to boost downforce.

It is believed the engineers are massaging the turbocharged 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine to deliver an additional 30 horsepower (22 kilowatts) for a grand total of 250 hp (186 kW). There’s no word about the torque figure, but that could also see an increase as well from the current 192 pound-feet (260 newton meters). We should point out the existing Clio Renaultsport 220 Trophy EDC has an overboost function which upon activation will temporarily increase torque to 207 lb-ft (280 Nm), making ideal for overtaking.

The “220” version runs to 62 mph (100 kph) in 6.6 seconds and tops out at 146 mph (235 kph), so this spicier iteration of the Clio RS should be even quicker.

Renault Clio RS concept

The company with the diamond logo is expected to introduce it as a concept during next weekend’s Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. If the feedback received will be positive, Renault will launch a production version which should look virtually the same since the concept appears to be pretty much ready to hit the assembly line. That being said, the regular Clio is about to receive a facelift, so it would make sense for the powered-up RS to come with the cosmetic tweaks.

If green-lighted for production, it remains to be seen whether it will be a temporary or permanent addition to the Clio RS lineup or it will replace altogether the existing 220-hp model.

According to our sources, a press release will be out very soon, so watch this space for further information and more images.

Source: Renault Sport via (Facebook)

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