Lego is off to a strong start of the year by releasing a plethora of sets that appeal to car enthusiasts. The latest entry is another collaboration with Bugatti to follow up on the bonkers 3,599-piece Chiron kit launched in 2018. This one too is based on the W16 hypercar, but it's the uncorked version. The track-only Bolide gets a black and yellow scheme with stickers for the "42151" toy set with 905 pieces tailored to kids aged 9 and up.

Much like the Ford GT Lego Technic unveiled this week, the Chiron-based Bolide also has moving pistons. Scissor-opening doors, a detailed quad-turbo 8.0-liter engine bay, and aero wheels with low-profile tires are all part of the package. It comes along with a roof scoop and a detailed interior featuring a turntable steering wheel.

Bugatti Bolide Lego Technic

The new kit is over 3 inches (8 centimeters) high, 12 in (31 cm) long, and 5 in (13 cm) wide. It's easy to notice the Bolide's signature X-shaped taillights that meet in the middle of the rear, drawing attention to the massive quad exhaust tips. At the front, the wheel arches have white "X" stickers while the traditional shoehorn grille has been faithfully replicated.

While the actual Bugatti Bolide was available for an eye-watering €4 million, its Lego Technic counterpart is a tad cheaper. It costs $49.99 and you're limited to two items per purchase. The kit is already available to order whereas the real thing – limited to 40 units – won't be in the hands of owners until 2024.

The Bolide, Mistral Roadster, and the recently unveiled Profilée one-off mark the end of the Chiron and Bugatti's unworldly W16 engine. Molsheim's next automotive gem will break cover later this year with a hybrid powertrain featuring a "totally bonkers" combustion engine developed by Rimac.

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