Toyota has announced cumulative global sales of hybrids have surpassed the nine-million mark at the end of last month.

9.014 million units to be exact, with the latest million achieved over the course of only nine months. Toyota wants to hit cumulative sales of 15 million hybrids by the end of the decade and to do that it plans to roll out even more electrified cars. That’s on top of the current 33 hybrid passenger models available in more than 90 countries and regions.

Last year, Toyota introduced a hybridized version of the Sienta minivan and came out with the fourth-generation Prius. In addition, 2015 was the year when Toyota launched hybrid derivatives of the Corolla and Levin in China, while the RAV4 also joined the company’s growing hybrid portfolio.

Toyota did the math and came to the conclusion its hybrids have saved around 25 million kiloliters of gasoline and have emitted 67 million fewer tons of CO2 compared to conventionally-powered cars of the same size.

The latest member added to Toyota’s eco-friendly family is the Prius Prime pictured here which was unveiled a couple of months ago in New York. Slated to go on sale this fall, the plug-in hybrid Prius promises to return a Toyota-estimated 120+ MPGe and cover about 22 miles (35 km) when running solely on electric power. With the gasoline tank full and the battery pack all charged up, the 2017 Prius Prime will offer a total range of more than 600 miles (965 km).

All of these alternatively-powered cars are part of Toyota’s master plan called “Environmental Challenge 2050” to help diminish the negative impact cars have on our environment and consequently on our health.

Source: Toyota

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