Mutants appear to favor European brands.

NeoMam Studios has teamed up with WhoCanFixMyCar to create a list of seven vehicles the X-Men might drive.

Created to celebrate the upcoming release of X-Men: Apocalypse, the list includes an interesting mix of models which mostly hail from Europe.

First and foremost, the two believe a handicap accessible Tesla Model X is perfect for Charles Xavier as it features a high-tech powertrain and impressive performance.

Unsurprisingly, Magneto goes in another direction as he would reportedly drive a heavily modified BMW M6 Coupe.  The modifications are more than just style as the bodywork is made out of the same material as his helmet to thwart incoming telepathy.

Mystique is sleek and sexy so it comes as little surprise that her car has designed to match.  In this case, it's a stylish BMW i8 with a scaly blue wrap.

Cyclops apparently favors American muscle as the companies believe he would drive a specially built Shelby Mustang GT350R.

Wolverine has been around for decades so the companies believe he would go for something older and more rugged than his counterparts.  In this particular case, he's driving a 1988 Toyota Hilux with extended fender flares, huge off-road tires, and retractable blades that shoot out of the grille.

Rounding out the list is Jean Grey's Volvo XC90 and Apocalypse's Mercedes AMG 63 6x6.

X-Men: Apocalypse will hit theaters on May 27th and the movie stars a familiar cast that includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Hugh Jackman.  The movie has received mixed reviews but it sees the mutants square off against a powerful new enemy called Apocalypse.

Source: WhoCanFixMyCar

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