A lawsuit could still affect the automaker.

The 2016 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave are available to customers again after incorrect fuel economy numbers on the window sticker forced GM to issue a stop-sale on the crossovers last week. Now, the automaker has begun working out a compensation program for 168,000 people who had already purchased the models, which have been on sale since late last year.

According to anonymous insiders speaking to Automotive News, the General should announce the specifics about how much owners get within a week. The company may offer them cash or some other form of compensation.

However, GM won’t act fast enough to avoid a lawsuit for this issue. McCuneWright already filed a complaint in federal court, according to Automotive News. The firm claimed the automaker concealed the models’ actual fuel economy and that owners overpaid for the vehicles.

This problem started for GM last week when the company reported an incorrect data transmission caused an error in the fuel economy listing for the 2016 model year Lambda-platform crossovers. In a later statement, the company admitted the vehicles’ mileage was one to two miles per gallon too high. According to GM, new emissions equipment caused the fuel economy to drop. “This error was discovered as GM engineers worked on the 2017 model year labels, and was quickly reported to EPA,” the company said.

Source: Automotive News

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