Software will provide more functionality within Hyundai products.

Android Auto, like Apple’s similar CarPlay, has quickly spread across new-car infotainment systems as a way to bridge the gap between smartphones and car touchscreens. Now Hyundai is poised to take that integration one step further, with its own version of Android Auto that bakes in even more Hyundai-specific functionality. The app was revealed in an Elantra earlier this week at the Google I/O event.

The new software, called MyHyundai, will offer all the same functionality that users expect from Android Auto, providing integration for Google Maps navigation, Google Now voice recognition, and various internet music services. It builds on those, however, with special tools unique to Hyundai vehicles. There’s a built-in menu for calling roadside support, for instance, and a way to schedule service appointments directly from the touchscreen. The MyHyundai app will also support some features that were already available with Hyundai’s BlueLink app, like setting a Valet Alert if the car is driven outside of a certain area, plus emailed reports on the car’s status and even a “driving status” menu that reports data on recent trips.

With those functions available, drivers and passengers should be able to spend even more time using Android Auto rather than the Hyundai infotainment system’s built-in menu. Hyundai also says that it will be able to ensure drivers always have up-to-date Blue Link software.

However, there are still no Android integrations for, say, the car’s climate control settings.

The MyHyundai app is only a prototype at this point, but Hyundai hopes to launch it before the end of this year. Hyundai was the first automaker to launch Android Auto, on the 2015 Sonata.

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Hyundai has an Elantra at Google I/O. We will be showcasing an OEM app for Android Auto called MyHyundai.  We are one of the first OEMs to show such an application. As you recall, we were first to market with Android Auto. The app is just a prototype at this point but we are planning on launching the app before the end of year. I will send some screen shots in a separate e-mail below are more details.

The app can:

      • Call roadside – One-touch command the dials Hyundai Roadside
      • Monthly Vehicle Report – High-level look at the latest report and highlights issue
      • Valet mode – Toggle of Blue Link valet alert (Post drive feature).  In the past this feature could only be accessed via your account. 
      • Hyundai Service – Show preferred and nearest dealer with quick action buttons (call, navigate)


Android Auto allows the MyHyundai app to be up to date and available to current and future Hyundai owners. 

Optimized for the connected car, Hyundai only has to develop one app optimized for Android Auto instead of several platforms to get the app inside of all of our models. Hyundai does not need its own app and app store that owners need to download separately.

Android Auto allows us to reach more customers with great features like vehicle and dealer information than we could with just with Blue Link alone.  Being cloud based expands our reach beyond Blue Link.

All these features help minimize driver distraction by reducing the number of steps needed to complete tasks.  The phone can remain inside the center console.

Hyundai worked closely with Google and Station Digital Media to develop the app.