Autonomous vehicles could become possible to insure on British roads thanks to a measure currently in Parliament. The Modern Transport Bill also includes a wide range of programs to advance mobility in the U.K, including continued support for electric cars.

Being able to insure autonomous vehicles on public roads would certainly make it easier for the tech to develop in the country. Politicians in the U.K. see self-driving cars as a way to relieve road congestion in the country. “Modern transportation can make much, much more efficient use of our roads, railways and airspace, cutting congestion, speeding up journeys for people and goods and boosting our world-leading satellite industry,” the government said, according to The Washington Post.

Last year, the U.K. allowed its first autonomous vehicle tests on public roads. The evaluations included a driverless shuttle in Greenwich, pods in Milton Keynes, and even a self-driving Bowler Wildcat (above) in Bristol. In early 2017, Volvo will take a major step forward by slowly introducing up to 100 semi-autonomous cars in a test around London. Nissan's recently announced Qashqai ProPilot will also make the tech available to the public next year.

The Modern Transport Bill also aims to fund other high-tech ways to get around, according to The Washington Post. The measure would create the framework for the first spaceport in the U.K, which might allow for commercial flights someday, and the legislation would also support drone development.

Source: The Washington Post

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