Another example of what not to do when leaving a car show.

It’s only natural, after talking cars and checking out cool rides for hours at your local cars and coffee gathering, to want to lay down a little rubber on the way home. But as YouTube has shown us time and time again, that’s a surefire recipe for disaster. At a cars and coffee event in Reno, Nevada, last month, one Chevrolet Camaro owner learned that lesson the hard way.

On the way out of the cars and coffee parking lot, the driver of the supercharged Chevy Camaro drag car decided to show off his car’s might. At first, all went to plan: roaring engine, smoking tires, impressed spectators. But suddenly the car’s meaty rear tires give way, the Camaro’s rear slips and slides, and the drag car ends up plowing over a concrete divider in the median and crashing into a fence.

Though the driver was unharmed, the same can’t be said of his pride and joy. All the bodywork around the tube-frame front end is crumpled and torn, leaving the supercharged engine exposed to the elements. Along with a cracked windshield, bent fenders, and bashed-up radiator, the Camaro had taken a beating. Despite that, the Camaro’s owner apparently hasn’t given up, saying he plans to repair the car in time for Reno’s Hot August Nights car show later this summer. We just bet that next time he’ll take it easier on the loud pedal on his way home.

Source: YouTube

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