Google has announced the Android Auto app will soon be available without the need of a compatible car.

During the I/O conference held yesterday, Google revealed it’s working on an update for the handy Android Auto which will allow users to experience the app straight on the smartphone itself. This means you’re not going to need a car compatible with the app to take advantage of the software. Users will be able to open the Android Auto app and use it for infotainment and navigation without having to rely on the car’s central screen. With today’s smartphones featuring large displays, the updated Android Auto should prove to be pretty sweet.

As you would expect, the user interface for the app will continue to be straightforward and voice-centric in order to avoid distractions behind the wheel. You will need a car with a 3.5mm aux-in jack or one that has support for Bluetooth streaming to hear the music and navigation instructions from the car’s audio system. Of course, you can also simply rely on the smartphone’s speakers.

If you are not too fond of Google’s navigation software, you’ll be delighted to hear the revised Android Auto app will come with support for Waze maps integration. In addition, Google says users will be given the possibility to beam the app’s interface on multiple mobile devices as long as the car comes fitted with a Wi-Fi module.

Lastly, the tech giant also announced plans to open up Android Auto to other automakers which are already working on additional apps that will be integrated in the software. The first of the bunch will come from Honda and Hyundai, but other car manufacturers are also preparing their own software for Android Auto which is gaining more and more traction, along with Apple’s CarPlay.