During a recent test drive, at least four cars suffered technical issues.

Alfa Romeo has a lot riding on the Giulia so it's a tad concerning a recent test drive indicates the model is plagued with technical glitches.

According to Driving's James Mills, a handful of Giulia models suffered frustrating and annoying technical problems during a first drive event.  You can read his full review at the source link below but Mills says "One Giulia was wheeled off like an A&E casualty after the infotainment system failed."  Another model had its check engine light flashing for attention, while a third had faulty parking sensors which forced its reviewer to drive around with a constant beeping sound.

The problems didn't stop there as a fourth Giulia had a finicky climate control system which could randomly stopping blowing air out of certain air vents.  That particular model also had a wayward infotainment system which would freeze and only become reanimated after stopping the car and switching the ignition off and on.

Alfa Romeo and Maserati boss Harald Wester blamed the problems the car's computers which reportedly have around 100 million lines of code.  This suggests the problems could be fixed but it's probably of little comfort to early buyers.

Source: Driving

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