No matter how big the tires or robust the four-wheel-drive system is, no vehicle is immune to getting stuck. Even the best off-roader has its limits, and the Corvair of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery finally met its match with some deep snow. It was called out to rescue a snow-bound pickup truck, but a quick recovery turned into a more significant, though manageable, project for the team.

The rescue proved to be a bit more challenging than initially thought. The Corvair attempted to pull up alongside the beached Ford Super Duty in an attempt to get in front of it and pull it out. However, that’s not what happened. The Chevrolet barreled through the snow when it suddenly came to a complete stop in the snow, just as stuck as the pickup.

Thankfully, a second recovery vehicle was on the scene. It remained on solid ground and was able to hook up to the Chevrolet, slowly pulling it through the snow and almost making it all the way out before getting stuck again. The Chevrolet was so stuck this second time that its winch started to pull the Jeep toward the edge of the road and into the snow bank, but a bit more finagling freed the Chevrolet once and for all.

Once the Corvair was on solid ground again, it was tasked with finally recovering the truck, but it wasn’t doing the job alone. Both the Chevrolet and the Jeep pulled the pickup out of the deep snow,  which took some time to complete. The F-250 is a chunky vehicle compared to the older Jeep and vintage Corvair.

The video shows that even professionals need some help from time to time. Off-road vehicles are more popular than ever, and we’ve seen people get their cars stuck in some very undesirable places in the past. Not only do the vehicles have limits, but so do the drivers’ skills and abilities. Services like Matt’s Off-Road Recovery help get people back on the road when either is exceeded.

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