The actor doesn't say anything in the new ads.

One of the major highlights of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercials has been the actor’s languid delivery. Whether he’s talking to bull in the middle of the road or deciding where to eat with his dogs, McConaughey always seems relaxed, and the attitude makes the company’s models seem a little cooler. However, a new series of ads for the 2017 MKZ removes his dialogue and forces the actor to rely only on body language. Can McConaughey still pull off the suave message without saying a word?


The clip above, titled Ensemble, stars a band doing a cover of Midnight Rider. The jazzy version of the classic rock song is supposed to evoke the feeling of the MKZ’s optional 400-horsepower biturbo V6. McConaughey offers a tiny raise of his eyebrows while enjoying the sedan.

Midnight (first clip below) tells a very simple story of McConaughey jumping into a pool in his suit. It seems that viewers should connect this with driving the 2017 MKZ on a rainy night.

Shave (second video below) does the best job at combining the action on screen and connecting it to the sedan’s capabilities. McConaughey sits in a chair getting a shave with a straight razor, and the ad cuts to the MKZ on a curvy road. The actor then sits up and offers a smug grin. 


Source: Lincoln

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