Optional carbon fiber 20-inch wheels will be offered in two different finishes.

As had been rumored, the 2017 Ford GT supercar will shave even more weight thanks to carbon fiber wheels. Compared to the car’s standard forged aluminum wheels, each optional carbon 20-inch wheel is about two pounds lighter, which Ford says reduces rotational inertia by 25 percent.

The wheels are manufactured by Carbon Revolution, which also provides the carbon fiber rolling stock that come standard on the Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang. In addition to saving ever-important pounds, Ford says that the carbon wheels help damp vibrations that can cause road noise or a stiffer ride. Primarily, though, for a supercar like the Ford GT, the benefit is in reducing unsprung mass for the benefit of acceleration, braking, and handling.

Ford GT buyers will be able to select their carbon wheels either in a matte finish or with a glossy clearcoat. Of course, many aspiring purchasers won’t be able to buy a Ford GT at all: Though Ford plans to build just 500 copies of the carbon-fiber coupe, 6,506 people submitted an application for a spot in line to buy one.

Ford still has not revealed a price tag for the new GT, saying only that the car will start in the mid-$400,000 range. The car, which was first shown at last year’s Detroit auto show, will pack a 3.5-liter biturbo EcoBoost V-6 with more than 600 hp.

Source: Ford

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