By: Antti Kautonen

It's definitely interesting to see what the near future – ahem – holds for Faraday Future. A month ago, the vice president of regulatory affairs and deputy general counsel, James Chen,left Tesla to work for a then-undisclosed company. It was now announced that the company in question was indeed Faraday Future, with Chen taking the VP position with a similar title over at FF.

Before his career took a turn for the automotive, Chen built a reputation as a skilled environmental lawyer, with decades spent working for the Environmental Protection Agency. Chen's history in Washington, DC is a strong asset for Faraday Future, and like Chen says on his biography page over at FF's website, "Strong alliances and government partnerships will be key to realizing our vision."


Undoubtedly crafting an ever-strengthening stable of competition for Tesla's product portfolio, Faraday Future is aiming for a release date within the next two years. Since the FFZERO1 is meant to be more of a tantalizing concept rather than a preview of the company's first production model, we're left to guess what's actually coming. On that front, FF is keeping its moves secret, with a faint silhouette and blurry rendering in videos the only hints to what kind of vehicle or vehicles it is building. So far, the only real clues we can decipher about the plan come from looking at the powerful players FF is hiring.

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