The company feels it has a moral obligation to make things better.

Tesla Motors promises to get to the bottom of the allegedly awful worker treatment by one of its subcontractors. A recent report told the story of Gregor Lesnik who fell nearly three stories last year while building the EV maker’s paint shop in Fremont, CA, according to Automotive News citing The Mercury News. The newspaper also found he worked 10 hours a day 6 or 7 times a week but made just $5 an hour.

The fall critically injured Lesnik, including breaking both of his legs and causing a concussion. In a long statement addressing the issues in the story, Tesla pledged to make things right. “Morally, we need to give Mr. Lesnik the benefit of the doubt and we need to take care of him. We will make sure this happens. We do not condone people coming to work at a Tesla facility, whether they work for us, one of our contractors or even a sub-subcontractor, under the circumstances described in the article,” the company said.

According to Tesla, it paid the company Eisenmann to build the paint shop because “because they are regarded as one of the best, if not the best, in the world.” Eisenmann then subcontracted labor from the firm ISM Vuzem, which hired Lesnik from Slovenia and brought him to California.

Government regulators have already cleared Tesla of responsibility for the accident. Also, “when Mr. Lesnik brought a workers compensation case, Tesla was dismissed from the case because the judge concluded that we had no legal responsibility for what occurred,” the company said.

Tesla pledges to improve the situation for contracted workers in the future, including adding additional oversight, “to prevent such a thing from happening again.” You can read the automaker’s full statement in the press release, below.

Source: Automotive News, Tesla

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