UPDATE: "This update is Japan-specific. We will have US updates to our newsroom for the 2023 RC and RC F in early January," a Lexus spokesperson told Motor1.com.

The Lexus RC and RC F receive upgrades in the Japanese market to improve their handling and upgrade their safety tech to be in line with the tech available in the IS. In Japan, the improved models launch on January 9, 2023. 

The revised RC and RC F now use hub bolts with washers to hold the wheels, rather than attaching them with nuts. According to Lexus, the new method has improved fastening force and reduces unsprung mass. Both models also receive revised tuning for the adaptive variable suspension system and electric power steering.

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Just the RC F has tweaked tuning for the automatic transmission. Lexus claims this provides a more comfortable ride.

The RC F Sport receives new wheels from Enkei. They have a black finish and a complex spoke pattern.

The RC F offers two forged aluminum wheel designs from BBS. One of them has a mix of gloss black and metallic paint with Y-shaped spokes. The others have the same look but with a machined metal and matte black color combo.

The RC and RC F also have an improved monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar. It can now detect cyclists during the day, pedestrians at night, and oncoming vehicles turning right at an intersection. The system gains emergency steering assistance, lane-keep assist, and road sign recognition.

Inside, the updated RC and RC F adopt the infotainment system from the current IS. That gives them a 10.3-inch touchscreen on top of the dashboard. The RC F gains an electric parking brake with a hold function that keeps the pedal depressed when the vehicle is stopped.

Motor1.com reached out to Lexus' branch in the United States to find out whether these revisions are coming to America. We will update this story with the automaker's reply.

To go with this announcement, Lexus disclosed the total sales of the RC nameplate. As of November 2022, the automaker has delivered 74,000 examples of the coupe in 62 countries and regions. It has moved 11,000 units of the RC F in 57 markets.

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