Everyday vehicles sprout appendages in new artwork.

When civilization collapses and we’re forced to scavenge for supplies in a post-apocalyptic world, what will our vehicles look like? Kazakhstan-based artist Daniyar Kdyrov provides some ideas with his illustrations of Soviet cars rebuilt as ultra-tough monster trucks.

The donor vehicles for Kdyrov’s creations run the gamut from utilitarian models like the ZiL 130, a cargo truck first introduced in 1956, all the way to cutesy Lada Niva upgraded with extra bodywork protection. In Kdyrov’s vision, the ZiL truck crashes over sand dunes thanks to giant, articulating off-road tires, while new rear bodywork and fangs over the front grille provide more aggression to scare off would-be attackers. There’s also a drawing of a Buhanka UAZ-452 family van that, similarly, has sprouted chain-wrapped tires attached to robot arm-like legs – all the better to scrabbled over rubble.

In another sketch, Kdyrov imagines a ZiL-157 6x6 Soviet truck that’s been repurposed as a terrifying three-wheeled storm-chasing machineZiL, with assorted radar dishes atop the body and a single, enormous wheel out back. Not even small city cars can escape the Mad Max treatment, with Kdyrov taking the ZAZ-965A hatchback and giving it beefy wheels and tires supported by hydraulic arms, while a Moskvich 407 gets a similar treatment to help it tear through barren expanses of dirt.

We hope we won’t be forced to craft apocalypse-survival machines like this any time soon, but if Daniyar Kdyrov’s imagination is any indication, we’ll have some seriously menacing vehicles to help keep car enthusiasm alive after the end of civilization.

Source: Motor.ru

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