A car-eating monster draws attention to the German museum.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is celebrating its ten-year anniversary in part with two whimsical new short films that highlight the storied automaker’s history. The clips first debuted last month to open the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, and will continue to be shown both at the museum and online.

The first video, “Hungry for History,” reimagines the stylish Mercedes-Benz Museum as a robotic monster, hungry for bits of Benzes past. Using vintage footage of classic Mercedes cars, filmmakers Marco Erbrich and Florian Greth spliced in a CGI monster that greedily gobbles up vehicles from various decades of Mercedes’ history. Finally, the monster comes home to roost in Stuttgart, revealing itself to be the embodiment of the 178,000 square-foot Mercedes-Benz Museum. 

The second video, “A Girl Called Mercedes,” revisits the automaker's origins 130 years ago, focusing on an impressive trip made by Bertha Benz in an early car in 1888, and Mercédès Jellinek, whose name was used for Daimler’s car company in 1902. Using hand-built, stop-motion photography, the film was created by three students from Germany’s Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. German actor and voiceover artist Boris Aljinovic narrates the video, which tells the story of how Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler developed early automobiles.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum has welcomed more than seven million visitors since opening in 2006. It currently houses a total of 1,500 exhibits and 160 cars, with a tour of the exhibition taking approximately two hours.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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