There’s nothing funny about stealing someone’s car, but we can’t help to laugh at how much pleasure this British car thief takes from driving a stolen BMW i3. The impressed robber even calls up a buddy to boast about how great the EV is to drive, especially its acceleration. The hatchback’s dashcam captures the crook’s entire conversation with a friend, and he’s definitely impressed with the ill-gotten vehicle.

“I’ve never been in a car like this,” the thickly accented thief tells his buddy, while the dashcam records the journey. “This car will leave anything for dust.” The crook also complains of a minor problem while stealing the i3. He apparently forgot to take the handbrake off during the crime. The BMW eventually reminded him and off he went.

According to BMW Blog citing Britain’s The Telegraph, the owner used a GPS tracking device to recover the car about 2.5 miles from where the thief stole it. Given the positive outcome, this hilarious video is almost worth losing the EV for a little while. Police also know where to start looking for the incompetent criminal because he gives his friend a description of the landmarks around his flat in this video.

Source: BMW Blog

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