The driver only suffered a foot injury.

This turbocharged Chevrolet is fully prepared for drag racing and looks like it could turn some very quick times. However, the run in this video ends almost immediately when the transmission explodes, and there’s a massive fireball.

The explosion is terrifying to watch, but the track’s safety crew deserves credit for its rapid response. An ambulance is on the scene within seconds, and first responders have the driver out of the car quickly even as smoke continues to pour out of the engine bay a few feet away. According to the YouTube description, the driver only suffered injuries to his foot.

This video includes all the preparation for the run, but go to 1:48 to skip right to the explosive action. There’s a slow-motion view of the detonation later in the clip, too, which provides a better look at the size of the fireball. Photographs also show the aftermath, including the carnage to the driver’s footwell.

In an especially nice gesture, the YouTube uploader says the ad money from this video goes to get the racer back on track. We hope the guy has a speedy recovery and is able to repair his Chevy to return to the drag strip soon.