Aston Martin has put leftover bits and pieces of leather to good use in an impressive creative showcase of a leather Vanquish.

In the words of German writer Michael Ende, author of “The Neverending Story”: “Nothing is lost. Everything is transformed.” With this video, the peeps from Gaydon are trying to demonstrate the Vanquish is gorgeous not just in the metal, but also when reimagined with leftover pieces of leather used inside the cabin. The art work was made using different types of leather in various colors and is being displayed on a canvas in the VIP atrium at the company’s headquarters in Gaydon, U.K.

It’s certainly a neat way to show off the skills of Aston Martin’s craftsmen and we believe picking the Vanquish as the subject for this one-off project was a good idea as it’s one of the prettiest AMs on sale today.

Judging by the hundreds of pieces of hide used, creating the leather Vanquish probably took a lot of work, especially since many of the leftover leather samples had to be remodeled to show off the car’s sexy shape.

Aston Martin hasn’t said what it plans to do with the leather-made Vanquish, but it should become a permanent display somewhere to be enjoyed by more people. We are now curious to see how the company’s latest gem, the all-new DB11, would look like if it were reinterpreted from leather.

Source: Aston Martin

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