The word “tuning” doesn’t actually spring to mind when talking about the Prius, regardless of its generation. However, the folks from Wald have a different opinion which is why they have a long history of customizing Toyota’s ever so popular green car. Its latest take on the new and improved Prius proposes a lowrider look with a rather overly busy body kit, but there must be a market for this sort of work if the Japanese tuner keeps coming out with custom appearance packages.

Wald is making the 2016 Prius substantially more aggressive thanks to a beefy front bumper that even has canards on its sides. The rear end is home to a new bumper incorporating a diffuser with an F1-like brake light. More muscular side skirts, large multi-spoke alloys, and a substantially lower ride height contribute to make the Prius a sight to behold, but not necessarily in a good way.

At the end of the day it’s a matter of personal preference, but we feel like it’s trying too hard since the car does not come with more power to match the heavily modified outer skin. It’s all show without the extra go, and this “show” must certainly cater a very specific market that would pay to transform the Prius into a frugal lowrider.

Source: Wald International

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