AC Cars announces plans to launch a new iteration of the Cobra GT roadster in spring 2023. It would be the latest chapter for a model with a close history with the Shelby Cobra. This updated vehicle would take advantage of modern manufacturing methods while keeping the general styling similar to the original sports car.

Power for the new AC Cobra GT roadster would come from a V8 with a still-undisclosed displacement making up to 654 horsepower (488 kilowatts) and 575 pound-feet (780 Newton-meters). Buyers could pick a six-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic. The projected acceleration to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) is a time of around 3.6 seconds.

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The new AC Cobra GT roadster allegedly rides on an extruded aluminum chassis and carbon-composite body panels. This setup reportedly keeps the vehicle's weight below 3,307 pounds (1,500 kilograms). The wheelbase is 101.2 inches (2,570 millimeters), which the company says is the largest AC Cobra yet. The extra room should provide a bit more space for the two occupants.

AC Cars plans to keep production of the new Cobra GT limited. It intends to work with buyers to outfit the vehicles to their taste. Unlike one of the original vehicles, customers can have modern amenities like air conditioning, electric windows, and an infotainment system. A removable hardtop is also an option.

AC Cars isn't announcing the Cobra GT's full specs until the unveiling in London in 2023. Pricing details would arrive at that time, too. The announcement makes no mention of North American availability. The company seems to be focusing on the UK and European markets.

The original AC Ace launched in 1953 using a 2.0-liter inline-six engine. Later, it adopted a Ford-sourced 2.6-liter six-cyliner. Carroll Shelby learned about the model and collaborated with the company to get the body that he used for his V8-powered Cobra. AC sold these models in Europe.

The next step for the Cobra seems to be electritication. The company Superformance is working on the MkIII-E with an electric motor making an impressive estimate of 650 horsepower (485 kilowatts) and 1,500 pound-feet (2,034 Newton-meters). got to test drive a prototype and came aways impressed. Check out this video for a first-hand account.

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