Company expected to reach a final settlement with U.S. authorities next month.

Volkswagen is working on a massive product offensive strategy for the United States that will include several new SUVs and EVs.

Last year, U.S. sales of the company fell 11 percent, but the Germans believe a new offensive plan will help them grow again in the coming years. First of all, a new three-row midsize SUV will be launched next year and it will be followed by the new Tiguan. An all-new family of electric cars based on the MEB platform is scheduled to arrive in the next few years.

“We are not working on a defensive strategy for the United States but what we want to achieve in North America is not only to gain a foothold but to grow again,” the brand's global sales chief, Juergen Stackmann, told Automotive News.

According to experts from research company IHS Automotive, a rush of new products and a new brand image campaign should result in more than 400,000 sales for Volkswagen in 2017 and almost 500,000 in 2022.

But before that, Volkswagen has to reach a final settlement with U.S. authorities over Dieselgate, which is expected to happen next month.

“A final agreement with U.S. authorities would certainly provide relief and, at the same time, give the go-ahead to look and plan ahead,” Stackmann commented.

Note: Volkswagen three-row midsize SUV test prototype pictured.

Source: Automotive News

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