Being on Top Gear is an amazing job, and Evans is paid well for it.

Jeremy Clarkson was infamous during his time on Top Gear for saying things that got him in trouble with the BBC’s bosses, and apparently new host Chris Evans also isn’t worried about making his superiors uncomfortable. The British government might soon require the Beeb to publish its stars’ salaries if they make over a certain amount. Evans’ solution is simple, “just pay us less.”

In a brief interview with the BBC News (below), Evans makes a clear argument why he and fellow on-air stars are overpaid. Evans admits that he doesn’t work full-time but still earns a large salary to experience things many people could only dream of. After watching some of the lavish stunts from past Top Gear seasons, he definitely makes a good point. Evans is also already quite wealthy, including buying a $10.9 million 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder in 2008.

The people who run the BBC have a very different point of view. A document called the White Paper is part of Parliament creating an updated charter for the broadcaster, including the provision to publish salaries, according to an explanation by the BBC. The bosses there are worried that some stars would leave if their compensation becomes public knowledge.

We wonder if the BBC might keep Evans’ statements in mind when the time comes to renegotiate his contract. It might be hard to ask for a raise after admitting he’s overpaid.


Source: BBC via Autoblog