Max Verstappen reported himself satisfied with his first day as a Red Bull driver in Spain, and insisted that there is much more to come.

Verstappen was sixth fastest in FP1 and eighth in FP2, with margins of 0.169s and 0.181s respectively to teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

"I think I can be happy," he said. "I did all the procedures, I was enjoying it.

"I was getting used to the car still, but it was all going very positive. We were straight up there.

"At the end it's still not about laptimes, but I'm enjoying it, I think that's the most important thing."

Verstappen was reluctant to compare the Red Bull with the Toro Rosso that he's been driving in the previous grands prix.

"It's still too early to say, I'm still getting used to the car.

"I didn't feel the full limits of the car yet. I think you feel it and you can explain it more when you are on the limits. It's all about feeling. If you feel well in the car you can go to the limit.

"Of course the seat position is completely different and the functions on the steering wheel, so that's already a bit different.

"For me it's just getting step by step. For sure when I jump in the car tomorrow I'll have a better feeling again. For sure you need a few weekends I think to be fully comfortable."

Having used a Renault engine last year with STR before the team switched to Ferrari for 2016, Verstappen said he feels the French marque's engine has improved.

"Definitely they made a big step, and I think also in terms of reliability its going well. I'm very happy with the engine."

The Dutchman insisted that the attention on him this weekend has not been a distraction.

"I was a bit used to it from last year, my first race. Of course it's a new car but I was not nervous at all, I just wanted to go out and experience the car."

Regarding the prospect of beating his teammate, he said: "I don't think it's up now for me to beat him or anything, for me it's just getting used to the car. If I have a good feeling I will do my best, and from there we'll see what happens."


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