The car-loving comedian lends some of his automotive knowledge to The Simpsons.

After 27 seasons on the air, The Simpsons largely blends into the media background unless something big happens on the show, and it turns out last weekend’s episode had a treat for auto enthusiasts. Homer somehow got ahold of a vintage Morgan 3 Wheeler and sold the sports car to denim-clad car collector Jay Leno.

Homer seems to enjoy the 3 Wheeler, but it’s easy to see why he would sell the car to Leno. Homer barely fits inside what should be a two-seater, and his vast size would leave no room to take Marge on a Sunday drive.

We’re impressed at how well the animators render the vintage sports car, including the major details like the V-twin engine hanging out front and exhausts on the outside. However, the writers weren’t nearly as accurate when describing the Morgan in the script. According to Leno, he had to help them fix some factual errors about the 3 Wheeler.

The clip below is another teaser for the episode. In this one, Leno gets excited about driving a Toyota, which proves The Simpsons takes place in a fantasy world. You also briefly get to see another famous Springfield resident taking the Morgan for a drive. The whole episode is available on Hulu, too.