The company cut back power to make the sprint possible.

Hennessey grabbed our attention in April when the Texas-based tuner released a video of the Venom GT Spyder hitting a record-breaking 265.6 miles per hour, which made it the world's fastest open-top car. Now that the dust has settled from the accomplishment, the company has created a short documentary about the challenges of making the run. The clip shows the problems with the car that day and hints that an even faster top speed might be possible.

Through a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations and interviews with the Hennessey team, the documentary explains the fuel pump failure and oil pressure problems with the Venom GT Spyder while trying to break the record that day. The crew eventually had to dial back 300 horsepower to make the run possible, which still gave the supercar a mighty 1,151 hp. Imagine if it was making the full 1,451 hp. The extra ponies might have allowed the Spyder to equal the 270.49 mph that Hennessey reached in the Venom GT coupe in 2014.

While the documentary's insider access is fascinating, another highlight is seeing driver Brian Smith’s other record attempts. Before hitting 265.6 mph, he topped out at over 250 mph twice, and Hennessey captured all three runs with fantastic cinematography.

Via: Top Gear