People got very creative when submitting their request to buy the supercar.

The competition is fierce to get the new Ford GT. With the application deadline now over, Ford said 10,800 people from across the world at least started the inquiry process, and 6,506 of them submitted a fully completed request. Unfortunately, the Blue Oval decided to limit the first production run to 500 examples of the supercar over the next 2 years, which has guaranteed a lot of disappointed potential customers.  

Just having over $400,000 to buy the GT wasn’t enough to guarantee getting one because Ford only wanted passionate customers as brand ambassadors for the new supercar. According to the Blue Oval, people went to creative lengths to prove they were worthy of giving the automaker nearly half a million dollars. “Hundreds of registrants submitted videos with their applications,” the company’s announcement said. Some of the clips even included the prospective buyer’s children, racing footage, and garage tours. 

Ford will contact the fortunate buyers over the next 90 days, and a concierge service will guide them through building the supercar. Customers will be able to select from eight exterior colors and seven different stripes, and the first people will take delivery of their new GT by the end of the year.

If Ford doesn’t pick you to buy the GT, the configurator is still available, which lets you at least imagine having one. The Blue Oval claims nearly 200,000 people have built the upcoming supercar online. Frozen Blue and Liquid Blue have been the two most popular colors.

Source: Ford

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