Near the end of the FCA era, a business plan called for an Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe. The Italian brand even announced a revival of the "GTV" moniker, but it never happened. However, a two-door version of the sports sedan is finally happening with help from Zagato. The Italian coachbuilder took to Instagram to provide a new batch of teasers depicting its lean and green machine. Coming in 2023, the special edition will get all-new bodywork.

It'll be more than just a reskinned Giulia as the "SWB" in the car's name suggests the wheelbase will be shorter. The standard sedan sold by Alfa Romeo measures 2,820 millimeters (111 inches) between the axles. It's unclear whether Zagato's creation will have only those two front seats with a carbon fiber shell, or it'll adopt a 2+2 layout. We're leaning towards the former because there seems to be a roll cage in the back.

Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato teasers

Stepping outside of the vehicle, the corporate scudetto has a honeycomb pattern on top of which the Alfa Romeo logo has been applied. A carbon fiber front splitter is also noticeable, along with Tonale-like headlights and a vented hood. Those side gills in the front fenders might make you think of the stunning 8C Competizione. A previous teaser hinted at a Kammback rear design akin to the Giulia TZ of the 1960s. Knowing Zagato's modus operandi, don't be surprised if there's going to be a double bubble roof.

Likely painted in the same Montreal Green shade used for the Giulia GTA and the two-seat GTAm, the high-performance coupe also borrows the twin-turbo V6. One of the teasers shows the 2.9-liter engine, which produces 533 horsepower (398 kilowatts) and 600 Newton-meters (442 pound-feet) of torque. It's too soon to say if Alfa Romeo's engineers have found a way to bump the output furthermore. Even with the engine carried over, performance should still improve since Zagato's creation will be lighter after shortening the body and removing the rear doors.

Taking into account that Alfa Romeo charged €181,500 for the GTAm, expect the Zagato-penned version to cost a fortune. The car should be even more exclusive than the GTA/GTAm of which a combined 500 cars were made. With the teaser campaign intensifying, the wraps could come off in early 2023.

This car could very well be the swan song for pure ICE-powered Alfas as the Stellantis marque will go purely electric from 2027.

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