Audi says its latest evolution of the A7 piloted driving concept has managed to learn how to drive itself more naturally in a real life environment.

Besides the RS7 Sportback Bobby and Robby, Audi also made another piloted driving concept based on the A7 Sportback and baptized “Jack.” Packing more sophisticated technology than ever before, Audi’s latest autonomous concept is obviously cleverer and can perform a multitude of maneuvers akin to humans.

Jack is now able to autonomously pass trucks with a wider lateral gap than before, thus making it safer for all traffic participants. It will also signal upcoming lane changes by activating the turn signal while paying close attention to the lane markings.

It’s all possible thanks to a so-called “super brain” known as the central driver assistance controller (or “zFAS”). High-performance processors are in charge of performing real-time analysis of the signals generated by the on-board sensors to create a digital plan of the car’s surroundings. The adjacent videos demonstrate the capabilities of the super brain installed in the autonomous A7 Sportback “Jack” driving itself in Germany on the A9 autobahn.

The fruits of Audi’s labor in autonomous driving technology will be seen on a production car next year when the all-new A8 will be launched. Spotted just a few hours ago, the flagship model will feature an advanced traffic-jam pilot system that will enable the fullsize sedan to drive itself on the highway at speeds of up to 37 mph (60 kph).

That’s just the beginning, as Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler estimates “by 2025, we will see fully automated driving.” Excited or worried?

Source: Audi

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