Subaru Japan has released a teaser to let everyone know the Levorg wagon is about to receive the STI treatment.

It was at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon where Subaru STIed the Levorg, but that was only a concept. Now, the high-performance wagon is getting ready to make the transition to a production version which is scheduled to come out this summer. It’s not known at this point whether the Levorg STI will be sold outside Japan, but here’s hoping Subaru will bring the powered-up wagon to other countries where the regular Levorg is available, including U.K.

The Levorg Concept S shown last year had a turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine of unspecified output hooked up to a six-speed manual transmission. Subaru Japan isn’t saying what will power the production version, but chances are it will retain the turbo 2.0-liter which in the Japan-only WRX S4 pushes out 304 horsepower (223 kilowatts). That’s roughly the same as the turbo 2.5-liter installed in the WRX STI sold in Europe and United States.

However, it's worth noting Subaru launched a limited-run WRX STI S207 last year in the Land of the Rising Sun and that car had 328 hp (241 kW) coming from the 2.0 turbo, so maybe the Levorg STI will be blessed with that version of the engine.

Besides packing more punch, the Levorg STI will get a more aggressive body kit and a plethora of STI goodies, including a sportier suspension, STI-specific alloys, and beefier brakes. There are probably also going to be a number of interior cabin enhancements, such as a sportier gear knob, different upholstery, body-hugging seats, sportier gauges, and a bunch of “STI” logos to let you know it’s not the run-of-the-mill Levorg.

For our Japanese-speaking audience, attached below are two teaser videos released by Subaru, with another two set to arrive in the weeks to come before the car’s full reveal in JDM flavor.

Source: Subaru Japan

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