You just need to ride in a car and keep an eye on a screen.

If you’re a new college grad looking for a job, there’s an enticing opening at Google’s self-driving car program in Phoenix, Arizona. As a vehicle safety specialist on the autonomous team, you would get to work in a cutting-edge field at a high-tech company. Plus, the position sounds extremely easy.

According to the job description on HireArt, the main job duty is riding around in an autonomous vehicle for six to eight hours a day and monitoring how the software reacts to the many hazards on the road. The new employee then needs to write regular reports about the autonomous system’s behavior for the engineering team. Sometimes the worker could also be “managing up to four communication channels simultaneously via various high- and low-tech mediums,” but to us that sounds like a fancy way of describing talking to people over a radio. As long as you don't hit a bus, it should be an easy workweek.

To apply for the 12-month contract to be an autonomous car tester, you just need Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, a clean driving record, and the ability to type a paltry 40 words per minute. There's also the additional requirement of passing Google’s autonomous vehicle training program. After the firm's recent partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the new hire might even get to evaluate one of the Chrysler Pacifica self-driving test vehicles. Having a company like Google on your résumé looks great, too. 

Source: HireArt via Auto Evolution

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