BAC has built its 150th Mono. The single-seater is the coveted R variant, and it received a special livery of the buyer’s design. It’s also the 29th Mono R that the company has produced, which is celebrated on various aspects of the vehicle. The automaker hand-built it at its headquarters in Liverpool, England.

The owner worked with BAC’s Bespoke Specialist to craft the car’s custom, sci-fi-inspired livery in satin silver that pairs with exposed carbon fiber on the lower portion of the vehicle. Highlighter Yellow accents adorn the air box, wings, mirrors, diffuser tips, and nostril accents. The owner also added the color as an accent to the bronze, ultra-lightweight carbon hybrid wheels.

Gallery: 150th BAC Mono R

Inside, silver contrast stitching adds a touch of color, which BAC uses for the seat and headrest. The driver will also get to handle a made-to-measure steering wheel, which also features the R logo.

BAC incorporates the number 29 into the headlight surround, but it’s also visible on the nose and wheel arches. The number is also on the rear wing in Highlighter Yellow, and the company also uses it to detail the car’s specs on the air box, which is another place depicts the 29. 

The Mono R packs a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 342 horsepower (255 kilowatts) and pairs with a Formula 3-derived six-speed sequential gearbox. That might not seem like a lot of power, but the single-seat Mono has a dry weight of just 555 kilograms (1,223 pounds).

“Since we launched the company in 2009, the desire to offer our customers the most authentic and purest driving experience possible has gone hand-in-glove with our determination to deploy the very latest and most innovative motor-racing-derived technologies and materials,” said company co-founder Neill Briggs, who is also the director of product development.

The company’s future looks bright. It was founded in 2009, with the first Mono arriving in 2011, and the automaker rolled out the hydrogen-powered e-Mono concept earlier this year. It also expanded its retail network in 2022 in Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia, giving BAC a total of 48 export territories for the Mono. BAC “has an exciting array of announcements in the pipeline.” We can’t wait to see about them.

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