Update: Added 13 additional spy photos into a new gallery, available below.

Are we getting close to the new Mini Countryman debut? That remains to be seen, but a fresh batch of spy photos has us thinking yes. There are some noteworthy changes since we last saw the small crossover.

Gallery: Next-Gen Mini Countryman Additional Spy Photos

For starters, the new camo wrap mirrors the same yellow-green style we've seen on Mini Aceman prototypes. Previous Countryman sightings caught test vehicles in white, but going yellow could be an attempt to hide this Mini's internal combustion nature. It could work for passing glances, but there's no missing the exhaust finishers at the base of the rear fascia. They aren't fake either, as a faint white plume of vapor is visible in the chilly air.

That might distract some from looking higher up, where we see production-spec taillights through the wrap. The distinctive LED patterns are in plain view, and moving toward the front, production headlights with daytime LED strips are also easy to see. We aren't privy to a peek at the interior this time around, but we saw a familiar-looking Mini greenhouse in earlier spy shots with a large oval display in the of the dash.

Gallery: Next-Gen Mini Countryman New Spy Photos

Heavier coverings still conceal details on the lower fascia, but don't expect things to stay hidden much longer. Our first next-gen Countryman sighting reaches all the way back to October 2021, so there's been considerable time for Mini to work out all the preproduction kinks. That's especially true since the Countryman will ride on BMW's FAAR architecture, shared with the X1 which we know will debut in 2023.

Specific details regarding powertrain options are still under wraps. We know the Mini Aceman will debut separately as an all-electric version of the crossover, and as such, there's a rumor that a plug-in hybrid model won't be offered. Presently, the Countryman is available with turbocharged three-cylinder or four-cylinder engines, maxing out at 301 horsepower.

A debut in 2023 is happening, and it's likely to happen sooner rather than later. When the camouflage does lift, we expect the new Countryman to be a 2024 model for the US market.

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