Seats feature a slimmer design and premium upholstery.

Volvo has been one of the biggest proponents of vehicle safety but the company's latest initiative is surprisingly low tech as it focuses on making children seats safer and more comfortable for their pint-sized occupants.

According to Volvo's Senior Technical Leader of Injury Prevention, "The safety benefits [of children seats] are unquestionable, yet many parents unwittingly allow their children to sit forward-facing too early." Lotta Jakobsson went on to say "One of the many reasons quoted for this is comfort – the child complains that there is not enough legroom, or is too warm due to the upholstery."

In order to fix this problem, Volvo is launching a range of three new seats that are made with an 80% wool textile that is "more breathable and comfortable" than traditional upholstery. Volvo goes on to say the seats are highly durable, smoother to the touch, and better-performing in both hot and cold climates. The seats also feature a slimmer design which is intended to increase legroom as well as overall comfort.

The rearward-facing infant seat is designed to accommodate kids that weigh up to 28 pounds and are less than 1 year old. From there, the company recommends a rearward-facing child seat that is designed for passengers between the ages of 9 months and 6 years old. Once a child has outgrown the rearward-facing seat, parents can buy a forward-facing booster seat.

The seats were jointly developed with Britax-Römer will be available in select markets this June.

Source: Volvo

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