Volkswagen is readying the next-generation Tiguan. Our spy photographers have been capturing the revamped crossover out testing for months, and the automaker has done its best to hide the new styling. The latest spy shots capture the model in white, which makes it easier to decipher how it will look when it debuts.

While VW is doing its best to trick unsuspecting onlookers into believing this is the current-generation model, the white exterior makes it easier than ever to spot the stickers that attempt to conceal the Tiguan’s production design. Volkswagen hides the lighting units at both ends of the crossover, but that’s not all the trickery. The C-shaped intake accents, the lower door trim, and the exhaust outlets are all stickers.

Gallery: New 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan Spy Shots

It’s difficult to determine with certainty, but it appears that the new Tiguan will be larger than the model it replaces. It doesn’t look like VW extended the wheelbase, but the overhangs look a bit chunkier. The crossover also looks less boxy than the outgoing version, gaining more expressive styling.

Previous spy photos showed off the cabin, and it’s getting redesigned, too. The integrated screen is replaced with a standalone unit, but VW positioned it low on the dashboard. We suspect there is a digital instrument cluster hiding behind the steering wheel.

We don’t expect Volkswagen to launch an electric Tiguan as the automaker already offers the ID.4 that serves the same segment. However, we do know that the company plans to offer a more powerful version of the Tiguan for the US, but it might not be a full-blown R model. The plug-in hybrid should have more range than before, while VW makes the gasoline and diesel engines cleaner.

Volkswagen has been testing the Tiguan in this guise for months, but there’s no indication when the company will reveal it. We expect a debut in the second half of 2024, with the crossover arriving as a 2024 model. The new Tiguan looks ready for production, and the next-gen update will give the model new life as the automaker transitions to building only EVs.

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