125,000 miles on average per year.

Toyotas are definitely known around the world for their reliability, which was highly prized in the past from Top Gear during the golden years of the show. But the 2007 Tundra from this story is becoming even more famous than the Hilux Jeremy Clarkson tested, as it has been honored by the automaker in a brief ceremony.

Long story short, Toyota customer Victor Sheppard called the Japanese manufacturer just to inform he has covered more than one million miles (1,609,000 kilometers) with his Tundra without experiencing any major problems. Seems like even Toyota was surprised to hear that, as it decided to give Sheppard a brand new 2016 Tundra, take his old pickup, and disassemble it to discover how the engine and transmission as well as other components and parts have held up.

“Most people can’t believe how much on his truck is original,” Ron Weimer, general manager of Greg Leblanc Toyota, said. “Victor has been loyal to his maintenance and kept it up.”

Indeed, he has been giving his truck a good care over the years, as he has made 117 dealership service visits over nine years, ranging from timing belt replacements, oil changes, and the manufacturer’s regularly scheduled check-ups.

“My truck looks great, and, except for a few little dents, it’s almost like new,” Sheppard commented. “Even the seats look just as they were when I bought it. They’re not as clean, of course, but they’re not busted or worn out.”

Good maintaining leads to safe time on the road and Sheppard and his Tundra are the living proof – the driver has put an average of 125,000 miles (201,168 km) a year on the odometer, regularly driving long-haul trips from his home to North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia for his job. Now you know why he is “a believer in Toyota quality and safety.”

Source: Toyota

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