Hyperloop One's propulsion test in Nevada on May 11 has successfully demonstrated the company's futuristic technology. According to Gizmodo, the linear-electric motors on the test cart allowed it to reach 400 miles per hour along the short track, and the vehicle generated 2.5gs during the rapid acceleration. By completing this real-world evaluation, Hyperloop One also took a big step of moving the company's promises out of the realm of science fiction and into reality.

This test is just the beginning of Hyperloop One's goals. The company would eventually like to build a closed system of tubes with incredibly low pressures inside. Pods in them would use compressed air to levitate themselves, and they would fly along at over 700 miles per hour. The business promises a full-scale test of the technology of the fourth quarter of this year. On Twitter, Hyperloop One hypes its next step as the "'Kitty Hawk' moment" in reference to Wilbur and Orville Wright's first flight. 

The Hyperloop could theoretically revolutionize travel someday, but the huge cost to build a new transportation infrastructure remains among the lingering problems. This successful trial at least hints the concept has some merit, though. You can watch today's test below, and scroll down further to see Hyperloop One’s promo video, which shows a little more about what the company wants to create.

Source Gizmodo, Hyperloop One

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