Say hello to the $200 Ariel Atom.

By: Noah Joseph

Can't afford an Ariel Atom? Sadly, neither can we – especially not the limited-run V8 model. But there is hope for folks like us with bigger eyes than wallets, and it comes in a smaller form.

The Ariel Motor Company has just launched its first officially authorized scale model of the Atom V8, and it's ready to take a place of pride on your desk or bookshelf. It comes in the standard 1:18 scale and appears to be intricately detailed. "The car has been carefully modeled to exactly replicate the real car," according to the statement below, "right down to the builder's plaque on the seat."

Apparently Ariel had been approached by several model manufacturers, but had trouble finding one capable of replicating the details just right before it signed the deal Soul Models from Spain. Only 1,500 will be made, each priced at over $200. That may seem steep for a scale model, but pales in comparison to the $200k Ariel charged for each of the 25 actual Atom V8s it made.


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