Was stopped by a local citizen.

Police in Bangor, Maine are congratulating a local hero after a 12-year old boy stole a school bus.

According to a posting on the department's Facebook page, John St. Germain III and his girlfriend were driving around town when they noticed a big blue school bus that was being driven by a child.  The two followed the bus and quickly contacted police.

After hitting a few curbs and street signs, the bus eventually came to a stop at an intersection.  Knowing this was his only chance to stop the vehicular carnage, John bailed out of his car and "Ralph Kramden'd his way" into the bus.

Police arrived a short time later and the 12-year old was taken into custody.  There's no word on what kind of charges he is facing but the department says John's actions "probably saved much property damage and even injury or death to an innocent driver or the (not so innocent) driver of the bus."  As a result, he will be awarded with a Bangor Police Department challenge coin.

The 12-year old is obviously in a lot of trouble but the police department joked his driving wasn't "half bad for the first time driving a bus."

Source: Bangor Maine Police Department via Motor Trend