Riversimple has disclosed plans to launch two additional hydrogen-powered models, a four-door sedan and a van.

Hot on the heels of the Rasa’s compact coupe reveal in February, Riversimple is already planning ahead by working on two additional models. Just like the Rasa, which was a hydrogen-powered road-legal engineering prototype, these two new cars appear to adopt an aerodynamic design that isn’t exactly appealing. Prioritizing efficiency to the detriment of aesthetics, both vehicles have partially covered rear wheels to reduce the drag coefficient even further and boost range.

Speaking of which, the aforementioned Rasa has a range of up to 300 miles (483 km), but that's unlikely to be the case with the sedan and van. Why? Because these two additional body styles are going to be substantially heavier compared to the two-seater coupe which tips the scales at a mere 1,279 pounds (580 kilograms).

Riversimple will kick off beta testing of the coupe in the months to come and wants to have the hydrogen Rasa on sale at the beginning of 2018. This means the sedan and van will probably be out towards the end of the decade if everything goes according to the plan.

The main idea behind these three models from Riversimple is to reduce “well-to-wheel CO2 output.” This refers to the amount of carbon dioxide generated from the car’s conception until the end of its life. Combining an ultra-low weight with efficient aerodynamics and a hydrogen powertrain, Riversimple believes it has the right ingredients to produce cars that are substantially less harmful to our precious environment. If only these would also be more visually pleasing...

Source: Riversimple via autocar.co.uk

Riversimple planning hydrogen sedan and utility van