Chrysler’s second generation of the fullsize 300 sedan has been around since 2011, so naturally preliminary details are starting to emerge about a new model. Marchionne announced recently the next-gen could use the same platform as the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica which means that it could eschew the current rear-wheel-drive platform in favor of a FWD setup.

If that will actually happen, Marchionne hinted the new 300 could be assembled at the same Windsor factory in Ontario where the Pacifica is being put together, meaning the large sedan would no longer be made in Brampton, Ontario. However, FCA’s top brass went on to specify this is only a possible scenario, so it’s not set in stone at the moment.

Those of you with a keen memory will remember the current Chrysler 300 was the subject of our very first Why Buy? episode in the Limited AWD version with the 3.6-liter V6 engine hooked up to an eight-speed automatic.

The latest update from Chrysler was the Exterior Sport Appearance Package for the 300S unveiled a few months ago at the New York Auto Show. Despite the lightly updated appearance, the 300 is starting to show its age and many are expecting a replacement, but that’s unlikely to come out sooner than 2018.

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