This racer throws his hot hatch into a big slide to pass three competitors with an audacious move.

Johan Kristoffersson demonstrated masterful control of his blue and white Volkswagen Polo while competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship round at Hockenheim this past weekend. All of the cars started next to each other off the line, but Kristoffersson had the tough position of being on the outside of the first corner. However, he used the difficult spot to his advantage and pitched his Polo into a massive drift to slide past three other racers. The stunt worked, and he left the turn leading the race. Plus, it made him look like the coolest guy on the track.

In addition to showing his impressive drifting skills, Kristoffersson had a fairly successful weekend at the German round, including winning the event’s second heat. However, he came in fourth in the semifinals, which kept him out of the final race.

Via: Blackflag

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